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2016/06/19 (Sun) Stained glass window for 1:6 Room

I just added the most exciting part of my new 1:6 momoko room - a stained glass window!

1:6 Room box progress

Each coloured panel has a different texture. It's so pretty.

My favourite part of my new 1:6 doll room

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2016/06/19 (Sun) Lots of progress on my new 1:6 room box

This weekend I got a lot done with my new momoko room. I added floorboards and a window frame.

New 1:6 room in progress

I'm especially happy with the new stain I chose for the floorboards.

New 1:6 Room

Here it is with a momoko. It's my biggest room yet!

New 1:6 room in progress

The raised part is going to have carpet, once it arrives, and the bed will go up there.

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2016/06/12 (Sun) Introducing Alex

Now that my collection is starting to outgrow my shelf space I have to think carefully about which new Momokos to add. But there's still so many old dolls I missed out on that are on my wishlist and then beautiful new dolls coming out all the time... Anyway, in order to whittle down my lengthy wishlist I'm trying to focus on the dolls with centre glance eyes. I also noticed that I didn't have a single Momoko with a bold lip colour. I love a lot of the red and darker lipped dolls but 07SS Yukata, Black Honey, seemed perfect with her centre glance eyes and bobbed hair.


I love the bright pinky red colour of her lips and her green eyes and subtle purple eyeshadow. All those colours appear in this vintage skipper dress so I really like it on her, but I think I need to change the collar on it to something more modern.


Her hairstyle is a bit weird but I think it'll look really cute with a hairband so I'll try to find one. Otherwise, I think she's perfect. She looks so bold with her pale skin and dark lips and hair that she really stands out on the shelf. Now I want more bold-lipped momokos!

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2016/06/12 (Sun) Introducing Autumn

I got this Fan Vote 2012 Momoko as part of a Yahoo Auction lot - I wasn't planning to buy her but it was a good deal that included a Momoko that I really wanted so I figured that when she arrived I'd sell her right away.


And when she did arrive a few days later I still thought I'd sell her but I'd need to take pictures first! In the meantime I put her in this sweater so that she wouldn't be standing nude on my shelf. When I took her out this weekend to take pictures and I saw her bright red hair in the sunshine I started having second thoughts. I never paid much attention to her before because her stock outfit was pretty terrible, but in this Sugar Baby Love sweater dress she looks really sweet.


I decided to take a look at my collection, to find a similar doll that would make it easier to part with this one, but there weren't any! I only have a couple of redheads (Today's Robo Chris and CCS Fluffy Baby Carrot) and neither are similar to her at all. Although ROBO CHRIS has the same hairstyle, the colour is totally different and she doesn't have left glancing blue eyes either.

I love how cute and colourful this doll is, so I think I'm keeping her!

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2016/06/12 (Sun) Walls

I finally got a chance to work on my new room box this weekend. Yesterday I created the brick wall, using foam and textured modelling paste. I also used some modelling paste to give the other wall a plastered texture. Then today I went out and bought some paint and painted both walls.

Painting the room box 1

I'm really happy with how the two textures came out.

Painting the room box 2Painting the room box 3

I was expecting to find a range of small paint samples at my local hardware store but in fact they only had one - 2015's colour of the year - which happened to share a name with my home town, so I took it as a sign. I think I like it! I just hope it goes well with the wood stain I got for the floor.

Next I need to make a window frame and stain it. Then I can finally put in the stained glass window, which is something I've been looking forward to! Then I'll work on the flooring - I'm hoping to create a raised, carpeted area for the bed and stained wooden floor for the rest of the room.

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2016/06/02 (Thu) Introducing Summer

I bought this doll when the Petworks global store put on a sale to help the Red Cross in Japan. It was really hard to choose between WUD 19 and 20 and my first choice was 19 so I was glad to have an excuse to add 20 to my collection as well! She very different but they're both super sweet.


This is my favourite Wake Up Doll outfit so far. It's much more useful than a onesie and actually looks really cute with this Clear Lan shirt and Momoko sandals.


She arrived just as I was taking Tartan syndrome out for a photo shoot so in the end they both came.

Summer and Rachel

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2016/06/01 (Wed) Introducing Rachel

I'm really glad I cancelled my pre-order for Platform Departure and got Tartan Syndrome instead! Even though she's quite similar to Wake Up Doll 19 and has long black hair like a lot of my Momokos, I think she's a perfect addition to my collection.


She has a really adorable face that reminds me of the sweetness of Today's ROBO CHRIS. She has perfect blushy cheeck and her fringe and sleek hair are much nicer than WakeUp 19's.


I also love her outfit! It's not ideal for the weather we're having at the moment but I love each piece of it and it'll mix and match well with other items. Coincidentally, I'd put her sister in a little zip up jacket as well.

Liv and Rachel

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2016/05/30 (Mon) Introducing Marina

She's here! This is a doll I've wanted for so long...

Early Spring Marina

I don't know how I missed her at the time. She's perfect for me. She's got centre glance eyes and a fringe. Her little bun reminds me of another doll I wanted for a long time - Strawberry Daifuku. And her outfit is fantastic.

Marina in the park

I did decide to change her into something slightly more stylish for our trip to the West Village though.

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2016/04/11 (Mon) Spoonflower fabric arrived!

I've been looking for some printed fabric that looked like tiny patchwork, for making a quilt and clothes for momoko. Finally I decided to just have some printed by spoonflower. I don't have the skills or patience to make actual tiny patchwork and I'm pleased with the results! Now if only I had my sewing machine here in the states. I think it might be time to buy a new one.

Spoonflower fabric

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2016/04/10 (Sun) New room!

Today we went to home depot and got some wood cut for the new room I'm making. We also got a drill to make it easier to put it all together using the little latches I ordered from Japan.

New 1:6 room1:6 room latch

I'm so excited to decorate it. There's going to be wood flooring on the main part, where the fireplace will be, and some other kind of floorng on the left where the bed is. The small wall will be painted bricks with a window and the long wall will have plaster or paper or something...

Unfinished room

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