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2017/10/22 (Sun) Another Big Move

We're making another big move - the last one was transatlantic, almost three and a half thousand miles, the next one is just cross country, but still almost three thousand miles.

So, I've once again had to ditch a doll room. It's sad to say goodbye to this one:

1:6 Room decorated again

But, there's no way I'm leaving behind the new room - that's all safely packed up, ready to go. All the dolls are in boxes too, except for my most recent one who's been travelling around with me lately: I haven't had much chance to take photos of her - but here's one with some items I picked up at Flying Tiger recently.


We don't know where we're moving yet by my main aim is to find a place with actual sunlight - our current living room has no windows at all - so hopefully in our new place I'll be able to take more photos and work more on my doll projects. Fingers crossed.

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2011/04/05 (Tue) It's been a while

I packed up all my dolls in November to move to my new house, but the house was being decorated so it wasn't until January that I could actually unpack. There's not as much space here though so I need to figure out somewhere to keep them all (there's so many of them now!). I have just one momoko unpacked, my new blue haired reborn which arrived just after I moved in. I'll take some photos of her soon!

In January I started a really intensive training course related to my job so I've had no time to do anything really - especially not sort out my room. It ends on the 6th of June though so I'm planning to get properly unpacked then and get back into taking photos of my dolls (hopefully not buying any more!)

Unfortunately, because of the lack of space here I've had to destroy the 1:6 room I made. I thought about offering it up for sale but it's so big it would need collecting and I just didn't have the time. It's a shame but now I have a new project - to make another (smaller) room!

I'm really looking forward to summer - see you then! x

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2010/03/08 (Mon) 1000 views!

Looking at my counter it seems there's been 1000 views here! Wow, I hope they're not all by my boyfriend. If there's anyone else reading, thanks for stopping by!

1000 views on my blog!

Hi, from Honey and Veronica. (Both wearing Sugar Baby Love)

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