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2014/02/02 (Sun) Momoko's glance

So which do you prefer, side glancing or centre glancing momokos? Do you have a preference for right glancing or left glancing?


I was looking at my collection on flickr the other day and I noticed that 12 of my 26 momokos have centre glancing eyes. Then I got a message from another collector, who mentioned that she preferred side glancing. And someone on flickr commented on the fact that I had more centre glancing petworks than side glancing.

I do love the way the centre glancing momokos look right at you, or the camera. They look more confident. But I also like catching a side glancing girl at just the right angle to make her look a bit thoughtful or shy.

Neater hair for VeronicaMolly
Introducing OryxAudrey

I got my 11SS black strawberry because I loved her two tone hair, but it's a shame that she didn't have the centre glancing eyes of her sister, peacock. Same with my dazzling wedding rainy sky.


The thing that annoys me about the centre glancing dolls is that they often get given way more eyelashes. Look at 12SS!


I think my ideal momoko face up is centre glancing with just one or two eyelashes. Like th new AE QP doll. Also love her hat!

ae qp

Just to mix things up a bit I've got 1303bk arriving on Monday, who will be my first right glancing momoko. Why are there so few of those?


Edit: I did some maths over the weekend, while I was confined to the sofa with a cold, and made these charts to compare my collection with the overall proportions of dolls released by Petworks and Sekiguchi. There was very little difference between the two companies, by the way.

All dolls released:
all dolls

My collection:
my dolls

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2012/02/19 (Sun) Oryx and Skip in the New Room

Oryx and Skip helped to get the mirror at the right height and then made themselves at home on the comfy bench to have a look out of the windows at the new view!

Oryx and Skip in the new room

They still need some cushions to be really comfy though. That'll be one of the next things to make.

Oryx and Skip in the new room

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2010/08/30 (Mon) Bella and Robin

Time to try the new back to basics pieces on my CCS momokos. First, Bella in the white sand trousers and a vintage skipper shirt. The shoes are from Space Rendezvous.


Bella and Robin

Next, Stoic Gloss in the noble punk trousers and sugar baby love vest. Her shoes are also from noble punk.

Bella and Robin

I always think she looks great in black, with her smoky make-up and dark eyebrows.


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2010/08/29 (Sun) Scout and Moe

A while ago I bought some of the CCS Back to Basics items from a forum member and it'd been so long I thought they were lost in the post - turned out they were at my boyfriend's work all along. I'm so pleased I finally have them, and really surprised to find that they will fit on my Petworks girls! Usually CCS and Sekiguchi clothes are too small for them.

Scout and Moe

I think the black ones look especially cute on Moe (03AN) with her stock vest, she looks really cool.

Scout and Moe

These two look so cute together with their dark eyes and natural make-up.

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2010/07/25 (Sun) PetWorks Momokos

It took a while for me to realise what was so special about PetWorks momokos, but now I love them. I recently came across the Robo☆Chris today's momoko on Yahoo JP. When I saw her on the PetWorks website I wasn't too interested in her. Her outfit isn't that nice for a start...

Robo Chris momoko

But in the auction photos she looks lovely. It's the jeans and t-shirt version, which is a much better outfit. I've been wanting to buy some jeans to fit my PetWorks dolls for a while and it'll be good to have another pair of birkenstocks, too!

Robo Chris momoko

She's really different to my other PetWorks dolls, so that's good. Here they are waiting for her to arrive:

My PetWorks Momokos

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