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2017/10/22 (Sun) Momoko Wishlist

So, I noticed the first Petworks Momoko of 2018 on @little_dolls_room Instagram account recently.and I love her!


Here's the info about her, also from Instagram:

This doll is made for the upcoming new year 2018, "Year of the Dog" in Chinese Zodiac.
Her hair is designed to look like a dog.

Today's momoko 1801
Price: JPY16,740

PW-momoko, Shorts Lounge Set.
(The design and the print of outfit may be different from the one in the photo)

Face: Honey Face
Skin: Natural
Eyes: Dark-Brown, Left-Glanced, One Upper Eyelash.
Eye Make-up: Pink-Beige Eye-Shadow
Lip: Orange-Beige
Nail: Clear-Pink
Hair: Copper-Brown and Soft-Black Mix, Bob with Pigtails

There's also some Sekiguchi momokos lately that I wished I could add to my collection (not enough shelf space!!) Most recently was Lingering Winter. I love her hairstyle and eye colour, but also her amazing fluffy coat!

Lingering Winter

There's a few others I missed a while back too, Fruity Shaved Ice (for her awesome hair and front facing eyes), WUD022 for her bold lips and fringe) and WUDsp Azone022 (for her bob and front facing blue eyes)

Fruity Shaved Ice
WUDsp Azone006

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2016/04/02 (Sat) Another Momoko is coming...

I decided to cancel my pre-order for Platform Departure. I love her outfit, but the more I see people's photos of her the less keen I am. So, instead I just bought a different Sekiguchi Momoko, which has been on my wishlist since 2010! I even said in this blog that I was planning to get her for my birthday that year but it obviously never happened. Maybe because I couldn't decide between the usual version, or special version of her. I can't wait till she arrives! She's perfect for the new season.

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2016/02/29 (Mon) Oh no, too many cute momokos!

Sekuguchi are releasing some really cute dolls this year. Platform Departure was announced a little while ago but is now up for preorder on Ami Ami. I wasn't sure about her for a while but her outfit and glasses won me over in the end. Especially after seeing her in the sketches on sekigucgi's site.

Platform Departure Sketch

After finally giving in and pre-ordering her, sekuguchi announced an even cuter doll with an even better outfit. Tartan Syndrome is a little bit too similar to my last doll (WUD 19) but she ticks so many boxes for me - centre glance eyes, great outfit including cute outerwear, blushy cheeks and natural lips, and a great fringe.

Tartan Syndrome

You can see them hanging out together with a beautiful sofa in the hot item section - so maybe they're destined to come home with me together...

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2016/02/15 (Mon) Momokos of 2015

The last momoko doll I bought was at the beginning of 2014, now it's the beginning of 2016 and I'm looking back at the dolls I missed last year.

WUD 19WUD 20

Aside from WUD 19, who I just added to my collection, and WUD 20 who is also super cute, sekuguchi had a couple of dolls I wish I hadn't missed.

Soft Hot MilkMinnadetsukuru 2015

First, soft hot milk - I love her outfit, especially the hat and shoes and her right glancing blue eyes, but she's a little similar to Winter Sketch, who I already have. She's kind of a spring version of her. I also love last year's do that was voted by everyone. She's pretty unusual! Looks like this years will have a short bob with a short fringe so she's promising too.

Marchen Maker 1Marchen Maker 2

As for petworks, there was one ae doll that I really liked last year, and again she has that cute hat! And a beautiful outfit. I don't know what the story is behind ae Märchen Maker but she seems to be a character from a story or something. I love how sweet she looks though.

15an 1Mod cloth cat books skirt

There was also one CCS doll who has everything just right. Adorable outfit, perfect fringe, a new hairstyle and subtle make up. I really like 15AN. And as someone on the my momoko forum pointed out, Mod Cloth has a skirt just like hers so you can dress like your doll! (Although, like the doll, the skirt is now sold out!)

Today's 1501Today's 1505
Today's 1503Today's China MFC

The biggest haul of cute dolls, though, comes from the Today's line. So many interesting new hair styles and cute faces! Fortunately, none of them have centre glance eyes or I'd be really tempted to bring them home. Especially 1503, with her perfect fringe and pink hair.

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2016/02/14 (Sun) Petworks ae [You] 15th Anniversary competition

This August PetWORKs doll division will be 15 years old, so to celebrate they're running another ae [you] competition. The last one was in 2009, with the doll released in 2012, and the winner was Black & Brown, who was very cute but a bit too formal for my taste. I love her fringe though.

ae you 2012 black and brown
There were some previous momoko design contest winners too, but I don't remember when that happened... Poppy Garden was totally beautiful and I love Gradient of Love's hair.
Poppy GardenGradient of LoveDesert Rose
I really want to win this year. The prize is one of every CCS and Today's Momoko of 2016 and of course for your doll design to be produced. Getting my perfect momoko doll produced would be great but it was pretty hard to decide on all the details.
Of course, she would have centre glance eyes, probably brown or dark green (but definitely with black pupils!) with two eyelashes. She would have natural or pale skin with blushy cheeks and pink or peach lips and she would have an awesome fringe. Her hair would be brown but maybe with an additional fantasy colour. So, she would have eyes like 03AN, hair like Sweet Choco and a honey face and lips like autumnal tints.
03ANSweet ChocoAutumnal Tints
I'm curious to see the other entries and I hope I'll like whichever one wins.

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