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2016/06/19 (Sun) Stained glass window for 1:6 Room

I just added the most exciting part of my new 1:6 momoko room - a stained glass window!

1:6 Room box progress

Each coloured panel has a different texture. It's so pretty.

My favourite part of my new 1:6 doll room

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2016/06/19 (Sun) Lots of progress on my new 1:6 room box

This weekend I got a lot done with my new momoko room. I added floorboards and a window frame.

New 1:6 room in progress

I'm especially happy with the new stain I chose for the floorboards.

New 1:6 Room

Here it is with a momoko. It's my biggest room yet!

New 1:6 room in progress

The raised part is going to have carpet, once it arrives, and the bed will go up there.

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2016/06/12 (Sun) Walls

I finally got a chance to work on my new room box this weekend. Yesterday I created the brick wall, using foam and textured modelling paste. I also used some modelling paste to give the other wall a plastered texture. Then today I went out and bought some paint and painted both walls.

Painting the room box 1

I'm really happy with how the two textures came out.

Painting the room box 2Painting the room box 3

I was expecting to find a range of small paint samples at my local hardware store but in fact they only had one - 2015's colour of the year - which happened to share a name with my home town, so I took it as a sign. I think I like it! I just hope it goes well with the wood stain I got for the floor.

Next I need to make a window frame and stain it. Then I can finally put in the stained glass window, which is something I've been looking forward to! Then I'll work on the flooring - I'm hoping to create a raised, carpeted area for the bed and stained wooden floor for the rest of the room.

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2016/04/11 (Mon) Spoonflower fabric arrived!

I've been looking for some printed fabric that looked like tiny patchwork, for making a quilt and clothes for momoko. Finally I decided to just have some printed by spoonflower. I don't have the skills or patience to make actual tiny patchwork and I'm pleased with the results! Now if only I had my sewing machine here in the states. I think it might be time to buy a new one.

Spoonflower fabric

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2016/04/10 (Sun) New room!

Today we went to home depot and got some wood cut for the new room I'm making. We also got a drill to make it easier to put it all together using the little latches I ordered from Japan.

New 1:6 room1:6 room latch

I'm so excited to decorate it. There's going to be wood flooring on the main part, where the fireplace will be, and some other kind of floorng on the left where the bed is. The small wall will be painted bricks with a window and the long wall will have plaster or paper or something...

Unfinished room

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