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2012/10/30 (Tue) Bliss redressed

A while ago I got this outfit with Bliss in mind but hadn't had a chance to take any photos until now. I think it suits her better than sparkling 80s' outfit.


It looks great with these blue and white ccs shoes.


And with her blue mascara.


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2012/10/30 (Tue) Rosa and Ramona dressed at last!

I finally got a chance to put some clothes on my reborn momokos. They both look great in black...


Rosa's wearing a shirt dress from jiajia doll on etsy (but she's still got her stripey vest and pants on underneath)


Ramona's wearing sparkling 80s' outfit, to go with her punk hairstyle but she also looks good in this cute Skipper dress.


They always look so cute together and the little room is looking good too.

Rosa and Ramona

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2012/01/21 (Sat) Introducing: Bliss

This is the BIC doll who arrived over a year ago! I took these pictures at the beginning of last year but never got round to posting them. I think she's great though, she's firework date's head on sparkling 80s body, re-rooted by BIC. Shortly after she arrived things started going really wrong with BIC Global doll shop and now, sadly, it's gone. I'm glad I got all these reborn dolls while I could.



I've kept up to date with a lot of new momoko releases over the last year but haven't bought anything since her. It must be much more difficult to buy momoko dolls without BIC. How are you getting your dolls now? Ebay? The Petworks Global Shop? I've just bought my first doll of 2012 - a skip to the sunlight doll in the HLJ sale! Looking forward to the new arrival. And soon, when I move again (into a bigger place) I can start displaying (and adding to) my collection again. I've missed them!

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2010/08/31 (Tue) Introducing: Rosa and Ramona

Most exciting momoko arrivals for a while... My reborn dolls from BIC! I love them. I love the fact you can choose the colour and style without having to do a re-root (I had a terrible time re-rooting my blythe). And I think I made pretty good choices.

Meet Rosa and Ramona

BIC reborn momoko

Rosa is a wake up doll 4, with the white bob, and Ramona is a wake up doll 6, with the green bob. I'm really glad I chose the natural skin tone for Rosa and pale for Ramona, it's perfect!

Speaking of perfect, look at their fringes! I think BIC did a really good job of the haircuts. Quite excited about the new blue haired one that's coming next month.

BIC reborn momoko


I'm glad the hair is more minty than the pic on the BIC website. It's a lovely colour. I hope I can see a lot more reborn dolls soon. I have spotted a lovely one with a blue bob on flickr.

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2010/08/30 (Mon) Another Reborn Momoko

Just as the previous reborn momokos are beinning to arrive BIC have started offering a new one! There are only 60 available and they are based on the the BIC exclusive momoko (which was basically sparkling 80s body with fireworks date's head!) I was a bit disappointed with the BIC exclusive because there was really nothing new about it. The reborn version is much more exciting.

reborn fireworks date

You get all the stock that comes with the BIC exclusive (sparkling 80s plus another pair of leggings and shoes) and the box, so it's a lot more complete than the other reborn momokos.

The last time I ordered a BIC reborn I was really torn between green, white and navy hair and in the end I got green and white. This time I couldn't decide between navy or yellow! The example doll BIC showed had yellow hair and looked really cute. I made some mock-ups.

blue hair rebornyellow hair reborn

The yellow hair girl does look awesome but I went with navy in the end... Hope I don't regret it. If only I could afford a momoko rainbow!

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