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2014/01/30 (Thu) Petworks Momokos 2001-2004

I've noticed a weird trend lately - Despite the cost of CCS, AE and Sekiguchi momokos going up and up on the secondary market (and being pretty high on the primary market, too!) you can still get a really good deal on an original Petworks momoko. Maybe this was always the case... I know I got a fairly good deal on my used Petworks dolls, but I've been watching a lot of them on YJA lately and their prices are lower than most Seki girls. One went for just 3500¥ recently! I wish I had the money to buy them all up :)

Anyway, noticing this has reminded me how lovely those dolls from 2001-2004 were and when you can't buy a new one the next best thing is to redress your old ones! Here's my little collection.

My Petworks Momokos

It was hard to get a nice close up of all of them, one or two always look like they've forgotten to look at the camera! So I took a couple of group shots.

My Petworks Momokos

Veronica (04NY) is wearing Spring Forest's coat and Azone t-shirt, skirt and tights.
Mack (02DD) is wearing Black Strawberry's dress.
Scout (ROBO☆CHRIS) is wearing her stock outfit (jeans version).
Lacey (03AWyl) is wearing a Momokomono sweater and Volks WTG skirt.
Moe (03AN) is wearing an Azone sweater, stock vest and Momokomono skirt.

They're also all wearing momoko birkenstocks! I was really glad to find that I had just enough for all of them. (I'd still like more though...)

My Petworks Momokos

Here they all are chilling out after the fashion shoot!

My Petworks Momokos

Sometimes it can be hard to pose Petworks momokos because they don't stand on their own and they sit a bit funny! You can see a really great body comparison on the mymomoko forum (You'll need to sign in/up to view it.) But I do like how their legs cross. Sometimes their arms seem to stick out little teapots though... It's good to have a challenge!

I'd love to add a few more to my collection but some of my favourites were very limited releases.

03AN, RouRou and 03ANsp

03DF and 04ID

You can see all the 2001-2004 Petworks momokos on the Petworks website. There's so many details about all the different dolls, it's really interesting to read (with Google translate!). I also read about the petworks album app, for iphone, on ilovemomoko.blogspot.com Unfortunately, I use android, and you need to have a Japanese address to buy it. But I love that they've made high definition images of these older dolls available and maybe one day we'll get to use the app, too.

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2014/01/28 (Tue) Scout and her Kapibarasan cup

Scout brought home doughnuts from Mr Donut today. I loved those when I was in Japan but now I really enjoy the artisan doughnuts they make in my neighbourhood!

Scout brought doughnuts

That means it's time to relax with a hot drink in her favourite Kapibarasan cup...

Kapibara San cup


I couldn't resist getting this tiny version of my favourite cup for my momokos!

Couldn't resist this mini version of my favourite mug!

I think ROBO CHRIS has one of the prettiest faces of any momoko I've seen. I love her shiny lips and she has such soft hair, too.


I like her best in her stock jeans and t-shirt, but this ReMent scarf adds a nice touch to the outfit.


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2010/08/02 (Mon) Introducing: Moe

My 03AN arrived in record time! It was so exciting. I can't believe I got her brand new in her box... Right out of her original shipper.

03AN Working Girls' Power03AN Working Girls' Power
03AN Working Girls' Power03AN Working Girls' Power

I don't know when I'll get round to taking her out of her boiler suit, it's awesome. The only thing that beats it is the pink cone!

03AN Working Girls' Power

03AN Working Girls' Power

03AN Working Girls' Power

She also has the cutest face and hairstyle of any momoko! I love the natural lips with her dark brown eyes. She's brilliant.

03AN Working Girls' Power

A new favourite for sure!

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2010/08/01 (Sun) Mack's new dress

Mack got to try on one of the new dresses I got from a forum member. It's nice to have something that fits her well.


I think pink and black are her colours. When 03AN arrives they can dress up in pink jumpsuits together...


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2010/07/28 (Wed) Introducing: Scout

She's here! She arrived yesterday and I immediately took photos, even though I had skating and singing to do after work.

She's a Today's Momoko so didn't come in a box, just a plastic bag with sticker.

She's here!

I love that her knickers come bagged separately! So I posed her on the Azone bed with the knickers lying next to her. You often find stray underwear lying around in a girl's room, it's normal!


Another pair of birkenstocks. Yay! And finally some petWORKs size jeans... She got nice and relaxed straight away.


I don't know what it is about ROBO CHRIS momoko but she has the most adorable face, aww..


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