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2016/06/12 (Sun) Introducing Alex

Now that my collection is starting to outgrow my shelf space I have to think carefully about which new Momokos to add. But there's still so many old dolls I missed out on that are on my wishlist and then beautiful new dolls coming out all the time... Anyway, in order to whittle down my lengthy wishlist I'm trying to focus on the dolls with centre glance eyes. I also noticed that I didn't have a single Momoko with a bold lip colour. I love a lot of the red and darker lipped dolls but 07SS Yukata, Black Honey, seemed perfect with her centre glance eyes and bobbed hair.


I love the bright pinky red colour of her lips and her green eyes and subtle purple eyeshadow. All those colours appear in this vintage skipper dress so I really like it on her, but I think I need to change the collar on it to something more modern.


Her hairstyle is a bit weird but I think it'll look really cute with a hairband so I'll try to find one. Otherwise, I think she's perfect. She looks so bold with her pale skin and dark lips and hair that she really stands out on the shelf. Now I want more bold-lipped momokos!

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2014/02/19 (Wed) Oryx in Post Pet ears

After seeing Yoshi's beautiful photos of 1303bk on flickr, I couldn't resist these Post Pet ears for my momokos.


They look so cute with Oryx's pink hair and make-up. Shame it's so dark and miserable out today, it was tough to get a good photo...


They come as part of a Pinky St set, that I managed to find for $15 on eBay. Totally worth it!

Couldn't resist these ears...

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2014/02/04 (Tue) Introducing Zoe

My 1303bk came from Yahoo Japan Auctions, after I guess a bunch of people got her in their happy boxes at new year. She's my first right glancing momoko and I love her matching pink eyeshadow and lips!


It was hard to get a good picture of it today though because the sun is so bright!

It's too bright today

I like her little onesie but it also goes really well with the CCS Back to Basics trousers/dungarees. And the lovely Milk Tea Party shoes match her make up.


Now she looks like a smart office lady type, who stops for coffee before work!

Showing off her new bookshelves

Damn, didn't notice the books had fallen over again!

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2012/02/19 (Sun) Oryx in the New Room

A couple more photos of Oryx. She's making herself at home in the new 1:6 room.]


I haven't been able to redress her because all my momoko clothing is packed away under my bed. She looks good in her stock though.


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2012/02/10 (Fri) Introducing Oryx

She arrived! My naughty gift to myself to get me back into Momoko and to make up for not getting a happy box... Well worth it. She's lovely. And I rushed home today to get some photos of her before it got dark.

I love her hair, of course. I wish I could have crazy hair like hers but it wouldn't go down well at work. It's much more pink at the back but I like the black showing through. I also think her strange make up is great, especially the light pink under her eyes.

Introducing Oryx

Her outfit is not as nice as I thought it would be. The fabric is very thin and and the collar is quite puffy so it doesn't sit that well. But it does look pretty cute and I like how it matches her hair, with the little pink flowers.

Introducing Oryx

It snowed again last night, which makes getting a momoko to stand up much easier but she still fell in the snow and got a little wet! It actually ended up looking like she was crying! Quite cute.

Oryx with a tear

I also got a new camera this summer and I'm glad to find it takes great photos!

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