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2014/02/19 (Wed) Oryx in Post Pet ears

After seeing Yoshi's beautiful photos of 1303bk on flickr, I couldn't resist these Post Pet ears for my momokos.


They look so cute with Oryx's pink hair and make-up. Shame it's so dark and miserable out today, it was tough to get a good photo...


They come as part of a Pinky St set, that I managed to find for $15 on eBay. Totally worth it!

Couldn't resist these ears...

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2012/02/19 (Sun) Oryx in the New Room

A couple more photos of Oryx. She's making herself at home in the new 1:6 room.]


I haven't been able to redress her because all my momoko clothing is packed away under my bed. She looks good in her stock though.


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2012/02/10 (Fri) Introducing Oryx

She arrived! My naughty gift to myself to get me back into Momoko and to make up for not getting a happy box... Well worth it. She's lovely. And I rushed home today to get some photos of her before it got dark.

I love her hair, of course. I wish I could have crazy hair like hers but it wouldn't go down well at work. It's much more pink at the back but I like the black showing through. I also think her strange make up is great, especially the light pink under her eyes.

Introducing Oryx

Her outfit is not as nice as I thought it would be. The fabric is very thin and and the collar is quite puffy so it doesn't sit that well. But it does look pretty cute and I like how it matches her hair, with the little pink flowers.

Introducing Oryx

It snowed again last night, which makes getting a momoko to stand up much easier but she still fell in the snow and got a little wet! It actually ended up looking like she was crying! Quite cute.

Oryx with a tear

I also got a new camera this summer and I'm glad to find it takes great photos!

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