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2010/02/21 (Sun) Tippi and the Azone Bed

I bought this bed from Manika a while ago but unfortunately the packaging wasn't so good and it arrived here in several pieces. I meant to complain but never got around to it. Now, I've finally glued it together again (although one slat keeps falling off!) and made bedding for it.

So Here's Tippi, taking a nap...

Siesta with Tippi

And climbing into bed...

Time for a nap

Wake up!

Wake up Tippi!

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2009/12/13 (Sun) Tippi in knitwear

Tippi's wearing:

Cardigan: Fordoll
And her stock outfit!
(Pillow: Takara Blythe)

Tippi in knitwear

Tippi in knitwear

Tippi in knitwear

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2009/12/13 (Sun) Introducing: Tippi

Here's my newest momoko. I really like fringes (bangs) and blonde seems to be a little uncommon for momoko dolls so I had to add her to my collection. Her stock outfit is lovely too, which is quite important! She's also got really nice, natural, peachy make-up. She looks quiet and peaceful.

Here she is in the new momoko room.

Meet Tippi

Meet Tippi

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2009/12/09 (Wed) New arrival!

Today my Spring Forest, Sky version, arrived from R&D Dolls. I won her in the last Auction Fever auction along with some petworks momoko outfits that haven't arrived yet.

I really love both the Spring Forest Momokos, and their stock outfits. I haven't looked at her properly or taken her out of the box yet though because I had to go sing at a bar tonight with a friend. Usually I can take photos on Wednesday afternoon but I found out I have to work some extra hours tomorrow, so now I have to wait until Thursday... Oh well.

new arrival

I've named her Tippi. I had this name in mind for a while, but was waiting for a suitable blonde haired Momoko. I think I knew I'd add her to my collection one day!

There were actually two momoko shaped parcels in the mail today but one is another Christmas present... I have to wait a little longer to open that one! I can't wait. Once Christmas comes I'll have one third of the momokos on my lists!

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