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2009/11/30 (Mon) Momoko Dreamlist

After making my momoko wishlist I started to look at Close-Clipped Sheep momokos a lot. I really like the next release from CCS: Dazzling Wedding, but the price is 40,000yen! And the doll won't arrive until next summer. I can't buy her now so I decided to make a list of my dream momokos, that I can't have but are lovely to look at.

I think my favourite CCS momoko is Odd Girl Out, Sweet Choco. She's so pale and has lovely pink lips and a bob. Perfect Doll. But I can't afford her, even on Yahoo.jp the price is super high!

Other favourites are Follow My Back, Stoic Gloss. She has a really interesting hairstyle and a cute beauty mark. I also want her shoes and dress! Fluffy Baby Carrot is so different and her outfit is super cute and funny, aww. The Ichigo Yukatta girl is another one I like for her fun hairstyle. I forgot what my students in Japan used to call that kind of hair style, something to do with rice balls on a stick?? Haha. The CCS momokos are so original and creative. I wish I could afford to buy them and their lovely clothes!

dreamlist 1

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