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2010/07/29 (Thu) Recent Momokos

There have been some really great momokos since I last posted a wishlist, and there are some awesome ones coming out soon too!

I'm still desperate to get Early Spring Marina, Bitter version, but as a special release she's a bit more expensive and I've bought too many dolls lately as it is!

Spring Marina Bitter

I love her fringe and pigtails and her front facing eyes. And the outfit, which I wasn't too keen on when the normal version came out, seems perfect now. I must have her! Every picture I see makes me want to get her even more. I hope I don't miss her.

Unfortunately the next momoko to be released by sekiguchi is also awesome, and also comes in two really cute versions. Damn them! These are the brilliantly named "skip to the sunlight through the trees"


I can't decide which one I like best. I like the sandals on the beige version but maybe the more colourful outfit is cuter. And I like both their haircuts but feel like I have a lot of short brown haired girls (only two or three though...)

Finally, it seems everyone's going crazy for the new tan CCS girl. I can totally understand, I'd love to get excited about her but there's no way I can afford her. The CCS prices are just too high... I need to be pretty disciplined about those. They are lovely though.

stolen my heart

Still I'd rather have Harvest moon, and her red boots! Now, she's really tempting...
harvest moon

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