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2012/02/26 (Sun) Decoration for the 1:6 room

Today I added quite a lot of decoration to my 1:6 living room. First I painted a sheet of wooden strips to make wood panelling for the side wall. I wasn't sure whether to go for a half wall or the whole thing but now I'm pleased with my decision.

I also added some tiny bunting, which I made using Japanese masking tape, mostly from MT. I love that stuff and I have so many different colours and patterns! It was good to find a use for it!

New wood panelling and bunting

Now I just need some shelves to go underneath it.

While I was painting I also made my wooden picture frame white to match the mirror. I've put a tiny Rob Ryan print in it, which looks pretty cute. I need a few more frames though to finish that wall.

New picture up

There wasn't much light by the time I was finished but here's the room as it looks now. Quite nice I think!

adding decoration

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