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2014/08/03 (Sun) Dolly Dolly vol.20 Special Edition

I just got my copy of Dolly Dolly 20 Special Edition. I know, I'm pretty late - in fact I thought I'd missed the chance to buy it for a reasonable price. But, I registered on AmiAmi, so that they would notify me when it came back in stock and it did!

Dolly Dolly 20 Special Edition

I'm so glad I did because this book is fantastic if you're into making miniatures for your dolls... Which I am :-)

Dolly Dolly Special Edition

The Special Edition comes with this chair kit, which I'm very excited to try. I totally thought about using a laser cutter to cut out pieces of furniture when I had access to one, but I never got around to it. The idea of figuring out how to make all the pieces fit together was too overwhelming! It's great to see this technology used in the same way here and such a great idea for a magazine gift.

The chair you can make - it's really pretty

This is what the chair will look like when it's done. I think it's a really cute design. If you can't get hold of this special edition the same designer sells kits for all kinds of furniture. They have an FC2 blog with a cart here. They're called Grove, or maybe Globe - it could be both!

So, in the magazine there are six lessons in miniatures:

Lesson OneThings to cut out

Lesson One, making a doll house, includes tiny things to cut out and how to make a really interesting wooden floor and panelled walls.

Lesson TwoLesson Three

Lesson Two is how to make an armchair, by Atelier Matin. I've admired their armchairs and sofas for years and it's amazing to see how they're made. It looks quite complicated but totally doable and I think comes with a pattern to cut out. All the patterns are at the back of the book.

Lesson Three is about wooden furniture, by GROVE - as mentioned above. Here it shows you how to make the kit that comes with the book.

Lesson FourLesson Five

Next is dresses! In Lesson Four there are tutorials for a Blythe dress, two Unoa Quluts Flourite dresses (which are probably good for momoko as well) with underwear and socks and a Pureneemo/Ruruko dress with socks and accessories.

Lesson Five is by T & T Scaled Interior Designs and they make amazingly realistic interiors - wow! Here you can learn to make a coat hanger and a cute woven leather basket.

Lesson Six

Finally, Lesson Six shows you how to make really cute little paper flowers.

Although that's the end of the "Miniature Lessons" there's actually still a lot of projects/tutorials left in the book. They're mainly BJD related though (How to make workboots, outfits for MSD and SD, and resin eyes, also shows a full BJD project and a very complicated armchair project)

I was also really pleased to see one of my Flickr contacts shown in the magazine. Nice work Ochibits!

Ochibits! Congrats on getting to show your lovely miniatures in Dolly Dolly.

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