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2016/02/29 (Mon) Oh no, too many cute momokos!

Sekuguchi are releasing some really cute dolls this year. Platform Departure was announced a little while ago but is now up for preorder on Ami Ami. I wasn't sure about her for a while but her outfit and glasses won me over in the end. Especially after seeing her in the sketches on sekigucgi's site.

Platform Departure Sketch

After finally giving in and pre-ordering her, sekuguchi announced an even cuter doll with an even better outfit. Tartan Syndrome is a little bit too similar to my last doll (WUD 19) but she ticks so many boxes for me - centre glance eyes, great outfit including cute outerwear, blushy cheeks and natural lips, and a great fringe.

Tartan Syndrome

You can see them hanging out together with a beautiful sofa in the hot item section - so maybe they're destined to come home with me together...

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