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2012/02/12 (Sun) Almost finished!

Having given the walls a second coat of paint on Friday the 1:6 room was finally ready to be put together. It was fairly straightforward and now it just needs the second window frame (which is in my house somewhere!) I'm happy with the wall colour. I was worried it looked a bit too green but in these photos it looks just right!

1:6 room - built!

I also made a seat cushion for the bench I made. I had no idea how to go about this and after lots of unsuccessful googling it occurred to me to check how the cushion on the (much too large) bench I'd bought was made. That helped a lot and in the end I used a piece of card at the bottom which I glued the fabric to, with PVA. Then another piece of card to cover the messy underneath. Just needs to be fixed to the bench now I think.

1:6 bench - finished!

Once I've got the other window in I need to attach some acetate to the back for the window panes and think about whether I want to attach a photo for the view. It's nice to get real light coming through the window but difficult to avoid seeing the kitchen or whatever through them.

1:6 room - built!

I'm really pleased with it. Next step is to make some more little furniture and decoration, like picture frames and books and things.

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