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2014/01/26 (Sun) IKEA furniture for momoko

I've been away from the doll hobby for a while now thanks to some big life changes, but my latest move meant I've spent a lot of time in IKEA, where I came across this great new set of furniture for dolls.

IKEA huset for dolls

It's called Huset, and consists of a selection of IKEA classics, including a Stockholm rug, in 1:6 size. It's pretty perfect for momoko. Here's a photo to give you an idea of the size.

Lilly in the IKEA room

The colours are a bit vivid but for the sofa you can easily make a new cover (in fact there's someone selling covers on Etsy specifically for this Sofa) and I've already managed to change the colour of the table. If you have the space to try spray painting it, I'm sure that would work really well but if you don't, I'd recommend trying rub 'n' buff. You can get great results on most materials. I rub 'n' buffed mine in gold and I rushed it a bit - with a little more care I'm sure you could get a smoother surface.

Doll size IKEA table with Rub 'n' Buff

The shelves look great as they are and I'm looking forward to seeing the rug on the wooden floor of my 1:6 room. I hope IKEA bring out more of these mini classics!

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