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2014/01/28 (Tue) Clothes for Momoko

I've been having a look around for some new clothes for my momoko dolls lately. There are a lot of great sources for really beautiful clothes these days.

Now we can buy MOMOKO by momoko clothes from petworks global store so if you're buying a doll from there already it's easy to put some extra items in your cart! They don't have the whole range available but there's a few nice things, like these check skinny pants...

check skinny pants

But aside from Sekiguchi and Petworks clothes there are also a lot of handmade items that are really good quality.

I've ordered from Sugar Baby Love before and if you're quick you can make a pre-order on their website. But if you miss the pre-orders you can wait a couple of months and buy from their Etsy store. I keep their store in my favourites so that I can see when the New collection arrives. There's some really cute outfits there at the moment...

sugar baby love outfit

Etsy is a great place to look for momoko clothes. I love the quality of jiajia doll's clothing, I've bought really detailed jeans and dresses from her before and I wish I could afford some of her knit wear too!

jiajia doll outfit

I'm also curious about Doll Fashion store on Etsy. I've never ordered from them but their clothes look really detailed and the prices seem very reasonable.

doll fashion outfit

These clothes remind me of another popular momoko clothes store - Clear Lan. They're closed for the holidays right now but they've got a great selection of well made outfits.

clear lan dress

Another option is to buy clothes made for similar size dolls. I really like the WTG range from Volks and now that I'm living in the US I can buy directly from their US website. Although, I haven't tried it yet. There's some really nice casual items that would fit momoko and my WTG skirt even fits my original Petworks momokos.

wtg polka dot jacketwtg yellow rain jacket

Another doll with a similar size body to momoko is vintage Francie. If you search on eBay you can find a lot of really cool 60s outfits. I've tried a dress on momoko that fit perfectly and I've seen other momokos on flickr wearing vintage Francie. There's some information about the dolls and outfits available on this fashion doll guide.

vintage Francie outfit 1vintage Francie outfit 2

I'd love to hear about any other sources for good quality momoko clothes! What are your favourites?

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