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2014/01/28 (Tue) All the dolls I missed!

There have been a lot of releases since I last bought a momoko doll, it's hard to keep up but I can't help looking back at all the lovely dolls I missed. Maybe I'll be able to add one or two of them to my collection eventually.

Sekiguchi have been bringing out a lot of really nice dolls the last year or so, my favourites are winter sketch, ambivalent girl and beach and sun. Winter sketch has a really cute hairstyle and lip shape and she's going to be the first doll with the new style body, which somehow has more bend in the torso. Ambivalent girl also has a really interesting hair style and a cute tattoo. I wasn't sure about beach and sun at first but I keep seeing beautiful photos of her on flickr and I love her freckles.

winter sketchambivalent girlbeach and sun

There's also been some really great stock outfits from Sekiguchi lately. I'd really like to get hold of the whole outfit from beautiful lines, it's so preppy and cute and it's always great when the include little accessories. Which is one of the reasons I like merry-go-round's outfit. Those pieces would be really useful separately. Beach angel isn't really for me but I want to get my hands on her see through ballet flats - they're like tiny melissas!

beautiful linesmerry go roundbeach angel

Finally, earlier this month Sekiguchi released a set of wake up dolls for the 40th anniversary of Monchichi. I used to love monchichi as a child so I'd really like one of these but they're only available at special events in Japan and overpriced on yahoo Japan auctions. They've got cute freckles and the yellow one has cute short hair.

monchichi momoko

Petworks have also come out with a bunch of really cute dolls that I'll just have to admire from afar! At the end of 2012 two really pretty Today's momokos came out. Amamfwawa has really awesome make-up and 1206bk has a brilliant hairstyle. She's also got the new honey face, which I wasn't sure about at first but after seeing it person I wouldn't mind a few pouty faces in my collection!


In 2013 there were even more beautiful dolls, starting with the Happy Box doll in the new year: a tanned honey face with long blonde hair, who must have been really popular because it was hard to get a Happy Box on the Petworks global site that year. 2013 was also a really great year for CCS Home momokos. My favourites were 13NY, with their two tone hair, and 13SM. I also really like Today's 1303 and 1309DS.

13HB13NY melancholy13NY vanity13SM1309DS1303

There's too many to choose from, but after seeing 1303bl in person and loving the bright pink eye shadow and lips I decided to get 1303bk on yahoo japan auctions. Really looking forward to her arriving!


One of the first CCS dolls of this year is also pretty special. Nice pigtails and cute little eyebrows. Her outfit is lovely, too.

There's no way I'll be able to get hold of all these dolls unless I win the lottery but it's always good when a new doll is released to check that she's better than all the ones on my wishlist before rushing in to buy her!

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