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2014/02/01 (Sat) Taking photos in winter

Unless you've got a fancy set up with lights, it's really important to find natural light for your doll photos. Thankfully it's infinitely sunnier here in New York than it was in London!

But, it's still not easy to get a good photo in my apartment. The windows are smaller and set into the walls so I get shafts of bright sunlight that cast deep shadows and very little light anywhere else!

1:6 Room: finished!

This was my old set up in London. My dining room table was next to a set of windows with thin white curtains to adjust the amount of light and my 1:6 room had just two walls, allowing lots of light in and avoiding shadows from my camera. I'm tempted to make another room like this!

Photographing Momoko in winter

This is my current set up. The bathroom wasn't my first choice. I started in my study, where all my dolls live, but that faces north and there wasn't quite enough light. My photos were looking fuzzy. So I tried the kitchen, same side of the house but it seemed like more sunlight was coming in. But I couldn't get my room in the right place to catch the light without a big camera shadow. Then I tried the bedroom, which faces south, but I got really annoying shadows. So finally, I ended up the bathroom! Fortunately the box room is quite easy to carry around, as long as there aren't too many things inside.

How do you get good photos inside in winter?

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