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2014/02/03 (Mon) Momoko as Gainax girls again

Two new dolls were added to the line up today, momoko doll as Gainax girl 004, Yoko, and 005, Nia. They're pretty unusual! I first saw these dolls on MM*Doll's photos of doll show 39.


I don't know much about anime/manga but it turns out these two girls are from a mecha anime (or robot anime) called Gurren Lagann, which stated in 2007 as manga and a TV series. It's set on earth, in the future, when people are forced to live underground (like Jamiroquai said we would!). The main characters are fighting to go back to the surface.

Yoko is the main female character, so of course there's a love triangle going on with her and the two main characters. She's supposed to be very mature and rational, although that's not really apparent from her outfit! I guess it's hot underground.

Yoko Littner

Nia is a strange character. The team find her in a capsule where she was left to die by her father (the evil king who forced everyone underground) but she becomes good friends with them. She's supposed to be pure and innocent, and curious because she's had no contact with other humans. That must be why she has big pink sparkly eyes.

Nia Tepelin

I like the Nia doll but I don't know if I want to buy her as I really don't know the character and even if you change the outfit she looks really unusual and different to most momokos! She is quite tempting though. They're also slightly more expensive than most Sekiguchi momokos (13800¥) and it's not clear how easily we'll be able to order them outdside Japan.

The most interesting thing at the moment is that, thanks to Yoko's tiny outfit, we can see the new body type much better!

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