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2014/02/10 (Mon) Dolly Dolly Vol.28

A few years ago Dolly Dolly Magazine featured a special 10th Anniversary of Momoko section. I didn't get it at the time but saw it in Kinokuniya at the weekend and couldn't resist!

Dolly Dolly vol. 28

I'd heard it had photos of all the Momoko dolls released in that period but I hadn't see any pictures online of those pages and I couldn't look through it in the shop because it was sealed.

When I got it home I wasn't disappointed, there are pages and pages devoted to the history of Momoko, starting with Petworks in 2001.

The beginning of Momoko

Most of the dolls come with a full shot and a close up of their face, but there a few where the photos are not great quality, like Final Home on this page. On the whole though, it's a great way to get a good look at the make up and colouring of all the different dolls. There's something nice about seeing the photos on the page, rather than online. And it's also nice to see them organised by year.

2009 Momokos

I started collecting Momoko dolls quite late, in 2009, but that's still almost 5 years ago so I feel a bit nostalgic looking at those pages.

2009-2010 Momokos

Outdoor Boyish, Spring Forest Sky Ver, and Space Rendezvous were some of my first dolls.

The section goes through Sekiguchi and Petworks Momokos separately, then ends with some of the new dolls from 2012 and the MOMOKO by Momoko clothing range. There's been a lot of new dolls since then but it's still a really nice item to have.

2012 Momokos and MOMOKO by momoko

While I was in the store I flicked through Dollybird volume 19 and found that it features Allnurds' clothing range for Momoko. It even includes some patterns for a full outfit. I absolutely love Allnurds so that's the next magazine I want to buy!

Dollybird 19 CoverDollybird 19 Allnurds

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