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2014/02/10 (Mon) Introducing ChiChi

So, I gave in and bought the yellow 40th Anniversary Monchichi Momoko. I put a really low bid on her so wasn't expecting to win - but I did, and since EMS is super fast, she arrived today!

It's 40th Anniversary Monchichi momoko

I love deboxing a new doll and this was the first time in a long while (my last doll was a Today's Momoko, so no box!) I'm really pleased with ChiChi. She's my first Momoko with freckles.


I love how her haircut makes her cheeks look a bit chubby and she has lovely peachy colouring too. The little furry romper and yellow bow look really cute, although I couldn't get the bow to stay in her hair for long...


And here she is with her little Monchichi friend!

ChiChi and her little friend

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2014/02/13 19:56 | [ Edit ]

Re: No title 

I totally agree, she's my first momoko with freckles and I think they're so cute! Now I want more...

I bought mine on yahoo Japan auctions, using the buyee.com service. There are still a couple on there but the price is a little higher. You can calculate the total price with fees and shipping on the buyee website - it's quite reasonable.

>Monchichi Momokos are lovely. I love the freckles! I would like to have the yellow one too.
> Could you let me know where you bought yours.
> Warmest Regards :)

2014/02/14 14:06 | maemoko [ Edit ]



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