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2014/02/14 (Fri) Hhstyle.com and mini Vitra

Recently Petworks announced some unusual new ae dolls - 5 different one-off momokos in collaboration with hhstyle.com. hhstyle seems to be a furniture company in Japan that sells all sorts of modern furniture and reproductions of iconic designs.

The dolls are not really my taste (the black one's OK) - too much eye make up! But that's a good thing because they're ¥76,125! They do come with a matching miniature panton chair, which cost about $180 for a set of five.

More interesting, to me, is that during a special vitra event at the hhstyle.com shop in Aoyama, Tokyo, it was possible to purchase a special momoko "gift set". This included WUD018 with a new hairstyle: a brown bob with a fringe/bangs and green hair underneath, plus a really cute outfit made up of items from the MOMOKO by momoko range. The event happened back in December and you can see some info on the Sekiguchi and Petworks news sites. The set sold for ¥13440.

This seems to be the closest thing to a promo photo of her.

hhstyle.com GIFTSET 2

And this is how she was packaged, with the outfit separately. The pink thing is a little photo book of momoko and vitra chairs.
You can see the photobook on pokipoki's blog.

hhstyle.com GIFTSET 1

And you can see some beautiful photos of her on these Japanese blogs, showing off her green hair:

Noraly's blog
My Treasures (comparison with WUD018)
ドールと遊ぶ (I play with dolls)

I think she's amazing, but I'm a big fan of unusual hair colours.

At the event, this doll, the 5 colours and some others were all displayed with mini vitra chairs. Personally, I think the panton chair is one of the less impressive miniatures. All of which are too expensive for me, but I can dream!

My favourite, of course, is the ball chair because I have one of these at home and it is my favourite place to curl up and read or snooze or hide! I'd love one of these for my momokos.

ball chair

I'm also a big fan of the Eames rocking chair, I once lived with 3 furniture design graduates and we had a repro of this chair in our living room. It's so simple, yet beautiful. I also like the Vegetal and womb chairs.
eames arm chairvegetal chair
womb chair

You can see the whole collection here.

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