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2014/02/27 (Thu) Need more clothes!

Clear Lan announced some new styles for momoko clothes yesterday. It's a great shop for your momokos' wardrobe basics but the new collection all seemed a bit too basic to me. I feel like I ought to make the basics myself and save my money for more detailed pieces. Even though the prices are good it would soon add up if I bought everything I wanted from Clear Lan!

clear lan

So... Instead of buying from the new collection I got a few things I'd been wanting from the old collections :)

denim shirtblack jeans
blue jeans

I tried making jeans once and it was a bit of a disaster so these will be really useful!

I am determined to get back into sewing for momoko though. I've got all the books I need...

Time to make some doll clothes!

Time to make some doll clothes...

But since my sewing machine is still in the UK I might need to get a new one! I keep looking at this one...

sewing machine

It seems silly but it's apparently as functional as it is adorable and a lot of shops have a good discount on it. It can take Janome parts so I'd be able to get a quilting foot for narrow seams. And it'd make me smile! I love the boxy shape of it. Until then I'll have to have a go at hand sewing.

I've been trying to improve my emroidery, using a Japanese book called stitch lesson, and it's going really well so I'm hoping I'll be able to add some tiny embroidery to my doll clothes soon. Maybe something like last year's Allnurds collection...

stitch lesson bookallnurds embroidery

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