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2016/02/14 (Sun) Petworks ae [You] 15th Anniversary competition

This August PetWORKs doll division will be 15 years old, so to celebrate they're running another ae [you] competition. The last one was in 2009, with the doll released in 2012, and the winner was Black & Brown, who was very cute but a bit too formal for my taste. I love her fringe though.

ae you 2012 black and brown
There were some previous momoko design contest winners too, but I don't remember when that happened... Poppy Garden was totally beautiful and I love Gradient of Love's hair.
Poppy GardenGradient of LoveDesert Rose
I really want to win this year. The prize is one of every CCS and Today's Momoko of 2016 and of course for your doll design to be produced. Getting my perfect momoko doll produced would be great but it was pretty hard to decide on all the details.
Of course, she would have centre glance eyes, probably brown or dark green (but definitely with black pupils!) with two eyelashes. She would have natural or pale skin with blushy cheeks and pink or peach lips and she would have an awesome fringe. Her hair would be brown but maybe with an additional fantasy colour. So, she would have eyes like 03AN, hair like Sweet Choco and a honey face and lips like autumnal tints.
03ANSweet ChocoAutumnal Tints
I'm curious to see the other entries and I hope I'll like whichever one wins.

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