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2016/04/02 (Sat) New Momoko room project! (3.0)

A long time ago I made a two wall 1:6 room, with interchangeable wooden and carpeted floors, for my momokos (and back then they could all fit in the one room!) I had to destroy that room when I moved house so a little while later I made a new room inside a cube shelf and I'm still using that one now because unlike the first one it could be flat-packed and moved easily.

Now I'm working on my third room project. Like the first one I'll give it just two walls (more light!) and I'll make it from scratch, rather than from a shelf. Like the second room, it'll come apart into its three pieces for moving, although I do want to be able to add shelves and things to one of the walls and a window in the other.

This room will be a bedroom - but hopefully quite a big one, with some space to sit as well. I once bought a really nice wooden bed from Azone and wanted to use it but ever since I bought it it's had trouble staying glued together so finally I've given up on it and made my own, using the instructions in my Dollhouse Coordinate Recipe book.

Bed for Momoko

I was quite pleased with the results so I decided to make some more furniture. I was sitting in a bar when I had the idea to make a little leather covered stool. So that was my next project. It was harder and the result wasn't perfect but I'm still pleased with it.

Leather stool for Momoko

A while ago I got the special version of Dollybird Vol 20. which came with a lasercut kit for making a chair, from Grove. I finally put the chair together and it was so simple I decided to buy some more furniture kits from their online store (I used the Zen Market service to buy them.

Before having my package shipped by Zen Market I decided to get a few other things I wanted from Japan - the little clear ballet pumps (which came with Beach Angel) because I had to have those, and some hardware for making my box room, which was suggested in Dollhouse Coordinate Recipe but I couldn't find it anywhere except Japan.

The package arrived this week and so did a little something from eBay! I was surprised to find that you can still buy all the tea cup sets from the Re-ment dream tableware series that came out in 2005. Weirdly, since leaving England I've become addicted to all sorts of tea, but I don't use cups and saucers so I have no excuse to collect them but I feel like maybe one of my momokos could!

Good post day for dolls

So, I've still got a lot to do but I'm excited about making another room!

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