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2010/02/17 (Wed) New books!

The last of the pattern books I was waiting on arrived today, and we also had some sun for a change so I could take pictures! Now I can't wait for the weekend so I can have a go at some of the simpler patterns... although I also have plans to make a couple of things in wonder frog size as I've got Flora Heimel on the way from BIC.

I need to get back into making tiny clothes. My sewing machine has been badly neglected the last few months. I blame small flat + laziness and winter blues. I haven't done any crafts lately.

New Pattern Books!
From left to right: Doll co-ordinate recipe 8, Doll Dress Book, Apple Tart For Skipper, Easy Doll Co-ordinate recipe.

Doll Co-ordinate Recipe 8:
I really love the Doll Co-ordinate recipe series. Although some of the designs are a bit complicated for me they're great to look at and you can pick out the simpler things or simplify the harder things. It's good for inspiration but I really need to practice so I can make everything in them. There's usually a good amount of patterns for each kind of doll. This time there are 8 full outfits for momoko. Finally there are some simple tights patterns... it seemed like before there were only socks and leggings! There's also a really lovely sleeveless dress and a couple of nice coats. You can find the index pictures on flickr already.

Dress Book, Apple Tart For Skipper:
All the outfits in this book seem quite old-fashioned to me but thankfully the momoko and francie outfits are the best of the bunch. It's great if you're looking for really retro patterns but I think I prefer the more modern stuff in dolly dolly books for momoko. I will of course be making the skipper sized dress on the cover. This version of the book came with red dotty fabric, red buttons and ribbon and press studs, so you can make that dress. The index pictures are here.

New books!

New books!

Easy Doll Co-ordinate recipe:
This is definitely my favourite. I guess it follows on from the first doll co-ordinate recipe book from last year. I did use that one but I imagine I'll use this one even more. It has patterns for basic items but also shows you how to adapt them to make them more interesting as your skills improve. For example adding puff sleeves or long sleeves to the t-shirt, or adding a skirt to make it a dress, changing the jeans pattern to jeans shorts or skirt. And all the patterns come in a variety of sizes. I love this book! There's a really cute photo inside the cover of the t-shirt in all the different sizes.

New books!

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