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2010/02/20 (Sat) My First Petworks Momoko

I just bought my first Petworks Momoko! I'd stopped looking on ebay at momoko dolls. I buy new releases from BIC and I don't really want any of the older momokos (except the ones I can't afford). But I was having a particularly lazy Saturday and decided to browse ebay. And I found a nude 04NY for a really good price (really wish she was coming with her white shoes though...) She should be with me next week!


She's so lovely. I know she's not hugely popular with other collectors but she's always been one of my favourite petworks momokos. In fact I don't like that many of the petworks momokos, the only other ones I'd really like to own are 04ANlw, 02DD, rourou, 04ID and 03DF and I know that's pretty unlikely!

04NY 2

I'm really excited to see her because I've never seen a Petworks body in person. I've always thought they look a bit less feminine than the sekiguchi bodies but I do like the shape of the shoulders and legs. There's a really good comparison of body types on mymomoko.com. A lot of people seem to swap to sekiguchi bodies but I think I want to keep her original one, partly because she'll fit nicely into those momokomono clothes I got on ebay! I just hope she also fits nicely into all my favourite momoko shoes...

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