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2010/02/22 (Mon) New clothes from Sugar Baby Love!

Yay! Pretty exciting post day today. I couldn't think what this little box from Korea could be because I was too excited about my new Petworks momoko that's on its way. I remembered when I was on the bus to the restaurant tonight and decided to open it up there.

Sugar Baby Love make the most amazing momoko outfits and, unlike a lot of other Korean and Japanese websites, are keen to ship internationally. They have an order form (which wasn't working when I ordered) but unfortunately they charge in American dollars and aren't very generous with their conversions.

I'm going to wait until I get some daylight (and maybe a new model!!) to take photos of them on a doll. But here's a sneak peek.

They were packaged very nicely.

Sugarbabylove goodies!
From left to right: stonewashed worn jeans and scarf, long vest for layering, long sweater with pockets and black and white sweater with grey vest.

look at the details on those jeans:
Sugarbabylove goodies!

and I think the black and blue vest was a gift (at least, I don't remember ordering it!)

Sugarbabylove goodies!

Basically, I ordered this outfit set and this single sweater, so the other items are a bonus!

SBL setSBL sweater

I think my favourite set on their website is this, but it was long sold out. There are so many great outfits though. Thanks Sugar Baby Love!

SBL set 2

Oh, and I think I first heard of them from Snowbow01 on Flickr, so thanks Snowbow01! I'm going to be keeping my eye on this website...

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I tried going to their site and looking up things. Virtually everything is listed as "Sold Out" but has "Pre-Order" status.

When you ordered did you see this same thing? Does it mean they'll make it as it's order?

Sorry for any inconvenience :]


2010/02/27 16:39 | Brian [ Edit ]


I'm afraid I think that means they're sold out. When I ordered they said just "pre-order". But don't worry, they were all sold out before and I kept checking back and a while later they weren't sold out any more. You could try ordering anyway...
Good luck.

2010/02/27 17:28 | mae [ Edit ]



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