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2010/03/04 (Thu) Introducing: Veronica

Here she is, my first Petworks momoko. She arrived on Monday but I had to wait until I got home early on Wednesday to take photos. Now I'm off sick so I've had time to upload them and things.
She came in her original box, but nude, from a really nice flickr user.

Look who arrived!Look who arrived!

Fortunately I managed to find someone on mymomoko.net who wanted to sell the white shoes... I love those shoes.

04NY is here!
She's wearing: Spring Forest (Sky Version) coat, Momokomono sweater and top, Azone skirt and Petworks shoes.

I had a couple of momokomono skirts I bought on eBay but it turns out they're too big even for Veronica. What on earth? I was a bit disappointed about that, but I checked the momokomono website and apparently the loose waist is useful for the layered look! We'll see.

04NY is here!

I wasn't sure about Petworks bodies at first but actually I really love the way she poses. I'm sure Sekiguchi girls can't cross their legs so well... maybe I'm wrong. I think the shape of her legs is much nicer and more natural, too.

Meet Veronica!

I also really like the collarbone details. And I'm so pleased her hair is in such great condition. I have a thing about perfect fringes... all my dolls have the plastic over their fringes when I'm not photographing them. So, well done Nab for keeping her so neat!

04NY is here!

So, I'm really pleased I bought her (I love the little clicking when you move her arms and legs!) but I hope she doesn't make me want more Petworks momokos!

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