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2010/03/06 (Sat) Momoko Shoes!

Before I started collecting momoko dolls I came across the momoko ballet flats and wondered if they'd fit any of my other dolls. Now I have momokos, of course I can't resist them...

Here's my collection so far...

Momoko ballet flats

They're all from STOC Market, none of the dolls I bought came with these shoes, except for the black ones which are from fluffy baby carrot. They're shinier and have lovely red soles.

Momoko ballet flats

The pink sparkly ones and green polka dot ones are particularly cute!

Momoko ballet flats

I pre-ordered Dazzling wedding: rainy day recently, so I'm looking forward to a nice silver pair. I'd also really like a white pair, I think Darling Denim Angel came with those.

I think the shoes are one of the best things about Momoko, they're so detailed and realistic. I have a pretty good collection already!

Momoko shoes!
Top row: CCS Follow My Back Stoic Gloss, Honey Wild, Outdoor Boyish, STOC Market, Spring Forest, STOC Market (Slow Smile Trad), Lovely Folklore.
2nd Row: Day Off Delight, Groovy Baby, Space Rendezvous, Orion's Sonata, Happy Summer Guaranteed, CCS pumps, Petworks pumps.
3rd Row: CCS Fluffy Baby Carrot, STOC Market...

Aside from the ballet pumps my favourites are the Petworks or CCS pumps... I'd really love to get the pink pair but they're sold out everywhere... and I have the red pair on the way from R&D. If anyone has any others going spare...?
The Doc Martens and trainers annoy me because they're so difficult to get on and off, but I'm told it's a lot easier if you put them in warm water first. Maybe I should give that a try.

Also on my momoko shoes wishlist are the STOC Market birkenstocks. But they're soooo expensive on eBay!
Momoko Birkenstocks
And the cream and black ballet pumps, which I put in my cart on Manika but by the time I came to buy them they were sold out so they had to offer me an exchange. :(

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dr martens 

wow, if you ever sell the black dr martens with pink laces i will buy them haha. Been after some for ages for my Blythe :(

2011/01/24 15:06 | Dina [ Edit ]



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