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2010/03/28 (Sun) Mack in Sugar Baby Love

Sugar Baby Love released some new designs recently. I was hoping for another really cool outfit with sweater and jeans like my last one so that I could get it in PetWORKs size but there wasn't anything quite like that. The outfits are beautiful but I can resist this time.

Here's Mack in the sweater I got last time, waiting for some jeans:

Mack 02DD

I asked Jiajia doll on etsy if she makes her jeans in PetWORKs size and she said yes! I'll have to order those soon.

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You might want to try HazelStreetDezigns (http://www.weaversupholsterytoo.com/HSD.html) for PetWORKs sized jeans. Scroll down to see the variety of dolls they fit and the different styles, they might be what Mack is looking for. The designer seems willing to experiment with different sizing.

P.S. By the way, your link to SugarBabyLove is a little mangled!

P.P.S. Love your blog. I'm a RSS subscriber as of a couple of weeks ago. :)

2010/03/29 19:45 | Sabina [ Edit ]


Hi, thanks for letting me know about the link. It should be fine now... I often copy and paste and forget to take out the extra html.

I think I've seen those jeans before (linked from mymomoko.net) but I thought they were a bit expensive. Jiajia doll is only a bit cheaper but I've bought from her before and the quality is amazing.

thanks for subscribing!
Mae x

2010/03/29 19:58 | mae [ Edit ]



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