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2010/07/05 (Mon) Introducing: Bella

Based on the photos on flickr and on the blogs I keep an eye on Morning Haze seems to be much more popular than Rainy Sky... Morning Haze is really lovely but I want to see more of Rainy Sky! Where are they all??

My Dazzling Wedding: Rainy Sky momoko arrived on Friday, coincidentally it was just as we were on our way to a dazzling wedding ourselves. Back in January, when I ordered her, I thought things might be different by summer. I wasn't sure the address for shipping would be the same or if I'd even like momoko any more. Of course, nothing has changed.

Rainy Sky

It was really exciting when she arrived but I couldn't really take photos or have a good look at her until Sunday. I knew that Morning Haze had two tone (blonde and pink) hair but I didn't realise Rainy Sky did too. I can't tell if her hair is really two colours or if it just changes in the light but it seems to be red on top and dark brown underneath. Of course, it doesn't show too well in photos but it's really special in real life. She has great eye make-up and really detailed lips, too.

Rainy Sky

Her hair is really different from the promo pictures of her. Kind of bigger and softer, like they used products to keep it down in the photos. Strangely, when she arrived it seemed to be parted at the back, maybe so it would fall over her shoulders. there's a bit too much of it though really!

Rainy Sky

Unfortunately, Toy 'n' Goods forgot to pack her shoes with her, which seems a little strange to me, but they promised to send them off right away. I received a package of cute clothes and shoes from Suza last week though so Bella is first to try on the lovely birkenstocks. I think her silver pumps will suit her better though.

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