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2010/08/29 (Sun) Momoko Shoe Collection

I noticed that my momoko shoe collection had grown quite a lot so thought it was time for new photos! You can see the previous post here.

Now I have this many:

momoko shoes!
Top row: Lovely Folklore, 3 pairs of STOC Market boots, Spring Forest boots.
2nd Row: CCS boots, CCS Follow My Back Stoic Gloss, Honey Wild, Outdoor Boyish, Groovy Baby, Happy Summer Guaranteed.
3rd Row: Orion's Sonata, Milk Tea Party, Space Rendezvous, CCS Back to Basics, CCS pumps, Petworks pumps.
4th Row: Petworks 03AN, Everyday B-Girl, Day Off Delight, STOC Market, CCS Back to Basics, Petworks Robo Chris, CCS Back to Basics.
5th Row: STOC Market, ???, CCS Dazzling Wedding, CCS Fluffy Baby Carrot, STOCK Market ballet flats.

As you can see I got a few of my wishlist shoes! I got the lovely chanel style flats and the silver ones I was really looking forward to. I have no idea where the bronze ones are from but I love those too!

momoko ballet flats

momoko ballet shoes

And I got really lucky and managed to buy some white birkenstocks from a flickr friend and then three more pairs followed. The red ones came with my lovely ROBO CHRIS Momoko and the black and blue pairs from a lot of Back to Basics items from a forum member. I love them!

momoko birkenstocks

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