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2012/01/21 (Sat) Introducing: Bliss

This is the BIC doll who arrived over a year ago! I took these pictures at the beginning of last year but never got round to posting them. I think she's great though, she's firework date's head on sparkling 80s body, re-rooted by BIC. Shortly after she arrived things started going really wrong with BIC Global doll shop and now, sadly, it's gone. I'm glad I got all these reborn dolls while I could.



I've kept up to date with a lot of new momoko releases over the last year but haven't bought anything since her. It must be much more difficult to buy momoko dolls without BIC. How are you getting your dolls now? Ebay? The Petworks Global Shop? I've just bought my first doll of 2012 - a skip to the sunlight doll in the HLJ sale! Looking forward to the new arrival. And soon, when I move again (into a bigger place) I can start displaying (and adding to) my collection again. I've missed them!

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2012/01/26 14:17 | [ Edit ]

Re: Response to Bliss/BIC 


Thanks so much for commenting! It's nice to know my blog isn't just sitting here with only me looking at it. And I've bookmarked those sites for next time I'm looking to buy. I'm going to have to give buying momoko a rest for now though, too!

If you're a member of mymomoko.net you can read a lot about BIC there, but basically the owner went bankrupt and a lot of people didn't receive dolls they'd pre-ordered. There was quite a bit of drama. I just hope that Sekiguchi/Stoc market decide to start selling globally like petworks have.

Mae x

2012/01/26 18:43 | maemoko [ Edit ]

Re: Response to Bliss/BIC 


Sorry, I've been busy with life for a long time but back to the hobby now! If you sign up for mymomoko.net forums, you can read all about the BIC drama and also find tips on buying momoko and maybe even buy from the community members there. If you don't already use mymomoko, that is.

Thanks for getting in touch!


> Hey!,
> I just stumbled upon your blog (somehow), I was looking for something Momoko-related, and thought I'd check your blog (and then I decided to respond when I saw a msg related to BIC-shop, as that's where I got my dolls from).
> I only have 2 (Honey Wild & Miracle Party Girl). I'm currently putting the latter up for sale (as I'm in dire need of funds).
> But rest assured, that's not what I wrote you for, hehe.
> Now, to answer your question, if I were to buy, I'd probably try different community sites, and check any dolls for adoption because they usually cost quite a bit in stores (not to mention the shipping...).
> If I were to buy from a store though, I believe I would try XL-store.com or Doll-Collectible.com (although I've never tried any of these).
> It's such a shame that BIC is gone! (they were the only supplier I could afford).
> I have no idea what went wrong - could it be they didn't appreciate her selling the dolls out of the box? Do you have any idea?
> I'm not buying any more dolls for now as I can't afford them!

2014/01/26 02:49 | maemoko [ Edit ]



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