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2012/01/21 (Sat) Momoko Wishlist 2012

So, as I haven't bought any dolls in over a year there's a lot of different things on my wishlist right now! Fortunately I've got one of the dolls I wanted last year on her way already. I decided on the ordinary version of Skip to the Sunlight in the end, mostly because she's on sale at HLJ!

Skip to the Sunlight

There are, however some other awesome releases at the moment that I wish I could afford! Starting with Allnurds' doll for Petworks AE. I've loved Allnurds' designs ever since I saw them at a doll show in Osaka in 2008 (I think). Unfortunately, I wasn't collecting momoko back then so I didn't buy anything (damn!)

I love her hair. It's a bit similar to my fluffy carrot but I think they'd look really cute together... She also has really cute freckles, and of course she comes in an amazing Allnurds outfit. Shame they didn't make the blue haired version which Allnurds displayed at the doll show, she's much more interesting. You can see her here.

Allnurds Allnurds outfit

There's also a couple of new Petworks momokos which are a collaboration with Kid Blue, the lingerie shop in Japan. There are a lot of really cute lingerie shops in Japan and I always visited Kid Blue and Lunch when I was in Tokyo. These dolls are wearing little miniature versions of real Kid Blue Lingerie. I especially like the platinum version but I already have my platinum bobbed reborn.

Kid Blue

Finally, from Petworks, I'm quite excited about this year's Happy Box, which goes on sale on Wednesday at the Petworks Global Shop. I know a lot of people were disappointed last year but strawberry Daifuku has been on my dream momoko list since 2009! I've got three of those girls already so it'll be amazing to add a fourth. Unlike previous Happy Boxes you can choose which CCS head you want (from the four below) and it comes with a plain body.

Happy Box
Happy Box options

I'm not that excited by the latest Sekiguchi release (The Safari of Dry Wind - terrible name!) but I do quite like the black haired Love DHEXs, which is based on one of the first momoko dolls by Petworks. I think she's actually cuter though, but also way more expensive (the original DHEX dolls were only 9000yen!)

Love DHEXs

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