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2012/01/25 (Wed) Interesting momoko day

So, this morning the happy boxes went on sale. I woke up at 2.30 this morning and realised I hadn't set an alarm to wake me up before the sale, so I didn't get much sleep between then and 6 o' clock! The boxes suddenly appeared at 6 and I put strawberry daifuku into my cart... then the next minute she was gone - all sold out! I can't believe how quickly they were gone. I thought this would be my chance to get a dream doll.

I made myself feel better later in the morning by having a look at the black strawberry doll in mimiwoo's shop and thinking, I'll have her if she's still there this afternoon. After work I went out to get some flooring for my new 1:6 momoko room, but they'd run out so it ended up being a long wasted journey. Then when I arrived home, mimiwoo had ended her 25% sale! Another disappointment...

Anyway, now it's almost bedtime and just a moment ago I gave in and bought black strawberry... so there will be a strawberry momoko joining my collection afterall! She's lovely. I wish there were more photos of her on flickr or other blogs, I've only found one or two.

black strawberry

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